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Image by Felix Mooneeram

Our Short Films

Some tales need to be told in visual motion. Here are stories that needed to be made, that we've enjoyed telling.


2023   Charismania!

What are behind those smiling faces at church? A faithful widow? A casual college student? A flustered volunteer? A struggling, young single mother? Daniel Rogers (Golden Light Pictures), Victoria Hagni (ICE Media) and Jeremie Waldvogel (Filmetta) collaborated to explore that question, creating a concept short we all enjoyed creating together.

2021   Ascend

For years I dreamed of creating my own proposal short film for my future bride, and I got to play it in a local theater, before getting down on one knee for my sweetheart Julianna. This was the result of a two day camping trip out to the northern Georgia mountains, and the first use of my new cinema camera.

2020   Trustworthy

My family loved birds, and fed them often at our Georgia home. My brother and I were fascinated at the power of my new telephoto lens, and wanted to capture each and every new friend at our feeder. In the process, I was reminded of how our Heavenly Father watches over us.

2020   Where are the Children?

As I drove in and out of town, I came across an abandoned, hidden playground. What did it symbolize? And more importantly, why are there no children playing there? Was their childhood stolen, or their time stolen with electronics? This film was meant to ask those questions to us all.

2019   The Coming Storm!

Why is it that we love to chase storms? Do we love the glow of lightning? The power of the wind? Whatever the reason, I was drawn to a particular storm, and captured it in detail to test my new camera and skills.

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