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Image by fatma jarghon

Our Short Films

Some tales need to be told in visual motion. Here are stories that needed to be made, that we've enjoyed telling.


2023   Charismania!

What are behind those smiling faces at church? A faithful widow? A casual college student? A flustered volunteer? A struggling, young single mother? Daniel Rogers (Golden Light Pictures), Victoria Hagni (ICE Media) and Jeremie Waldvogel (Filmetta) collaborated to explore that question, creating a concept short we all enjoyed creating together.

2021   Ascend

For years I dreamed of creating my own proposal short film for my future bride, and I got to play it in a local theater, before getting down on one knee for my sweetheart Julianna. This was the result of a two day camping trip out to the northern Georgia mountains, and the first use of my new cinema camera.

2020   Trustworthy

My family loved birds, and fed them often at our Georgia home. My brother and I were fascinated at the power of my new telephoto lens, and wanted to capture each and every new friend at our feeder. In the process, I was reminded of how our Heavenly Father watches over us.

2020   Where are the Children?

As I drove in and out of town, I came across an abandoned, hidden playground. What did it symbolize? And more importantly, why are there no children playing there? Was their childhood stolen, or their time stolen with electronics? This film was meant to ask those questions to us all.

2019   The Coming Storm!

Why is it that we love to chase storms? Do we love the glow of lightning? The power of the wind? Whatever the reason, I was drawn to a particular storm, and captured it in detail to test my new camera and skills.

Image by Rodrigo Soares


In all honesty, it can be difficult to begin in the filmmaking industry. This is why we've included resources that we've personally used and have been recommended:

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers

Tomorrows Filmmakers Logo.png

This vast online library of courses was the first step for Jeremie to becoming a full time videographer. He still continues to learn from Tomorrow’s Filmmakers as this online community continues to grow and make an impact, glorifying God through film.

Learn From YouTube


Frame Voyager takes a technical look at the cinematic art of films and breaks it down in a digestible format. Oh yeah, and an abandoned camera series with random but fascinating history.

Corridor Crew loves the visual side effects of TV shows and movies. Was that miniatures used, green screen, or CGI? Join them on the couch as they charter new territory in VFX.

Dan Murrell goes over the numbers week by week, tracking the success and pitfalls of each major film to analyze box office performance. This is a valuable resource to better understand the industry. 

Make Art Now has a passion for cinema and pushing their gear to the furthest limits. Anamorphic lenses, a Michael Bay machine, and much much more are featured on this intriguing channel.  

Peter McKinnon is much more than just a Canadian photographer; he has a passion for his art, and brewing the finest coffee in nearly every episode, as he explores the Canadian landscape.

How do you give your film business the chance it needs to succeed? Saj Adibs gives the details on how he was able to create a solution for clients and land on large productions.

Become a Davinci Resolve pro with tutorials on about nearly every facet you can imagine! Even if you use a different editor, these techniques are incredibly valuable at Sergio Mota | Academy.

Film essays show the importance of each and every story, as well as discover what makes a good film great. Filmspeak has some of the best!

Parker Walbeck runs Fulltime Filmmaker; his team feature guerrilla filmmakers who film vehicles, realty and much more while trying new gear and determining the best tools for filmmakers abroad!

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers shows some of their best work on YouTube! Whether its camera basics or brand showdowns, I highly recommend this channel!

Any additional resources you would recommend? Let us know!

Recommended Film Gear

Great Overall Image
Built-In ND Filters
5" Screen
Battery Life (1hr)

Large File Size
Poor Autofocus



Great Stability
Lightweight Design

Bluetooth Connection
Locking Arms


Solid Quality
Many recording options
Affordable Price

Requires AAA Batteries


4K 120fps
Many recording options
Cinema Options


Affordable, yet powerful
Locking microphone jack

Stock Media


Audio Library

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▶️ 🎵 💥

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