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Letter of Agreement

Thank you for choosing Filmetta! We strive for thoroughness, and have agreements before we begin our work. This comes either in written or digital form, and either are available upon request. Please read the statement below thoroughly, before submitting a request. By using our services, you agree to adhere to this document:

Behavior & Respect

By agreeing to this form you will not, to your knowledge, include any requests to film depicted violence, language, witchcraft, promoting racism, or promiscuity in any form. If such things are accidentally included in the filmed content by accident, we will do our best to remove them from any services we provide.  You agree to act respectfully, and not harass any of our team members. We will uphold the same respect.  You also understand that all filmmakers may need brief breaks from filming, up to an half hour, even during important events (half an hour per each 4 hours of work)



By using Filmetta's services, you agree that Filmetta may be able to use project recordings in whatever form it determines for future promotions of its own, except if otherwise specifically stated in a signed agreement. You agree to reimburse Filmetta in full by cash, check, debit card or credit card within two weeks of receiving the agreed media in its final form. Watermarks are not removed until payment is received.


Filmetta withholds the right to include, or not include, footage (in the finished product) at our discretion. By failing to write an expectation in the application form, you forfeit the right to demand any other footage than what is included in the finished product. The filmmaker’s signature only guarantees to have the project completed within 4 weeks of filming. Each customer has a right for up to 5 revision requests (for only editing) all only within the first 4 weeks of receiving the initial, first draft media. Revision requests can be as simple as a music change, or be more elaborate. Please be specific in your requests. Redoing the filming process takes time, and may be accepted or denied per situation. Filmetta retains the right to make that choice. The customer must pay extra if multiple versions of the same content is needed, all on an agreed amount.


Filmetta retains the right to accept or deny its services depending on safety, difficulty, purpose or portrayal (especially if not in accordance with our mission statement) at our own discretion. Without a signature, Filmetta retains the right to refuse our services.

This statement is effective for all future projects until revised.

Revised April 20th, 2022 by Jeremie Waldvogel, Lead Cinematographer of Filmetta

Download as a PDF:

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